A Postgraduate Conference at the University of Sussex

TRASH Art evening - Thursday 13th Sept 2012 : £5
TRASH conference - Friday 14th Sept 2012 : £10/£5 student

Conference proceedings

Thanks to all for attending and making the TRASH art evening and conference such a success. We’ve collected together the photos, tweets and feedback below. Programmes for the art evening and conference will be added soon.


Alice Bradshaw, curator of the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish and one of our exhibitors and speakers has written about her experience at TRASH here.

Tracey Potts, our keynote speaker from the university of Nottingaham, sent us some lovely feedback:

‘You should all be pleased with what you achieved which was an extremely  stimulating set of papers coupled with a fabulous atmosphere. It was one of the  best events I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to a few – I hang out with
geographers who know how to combine intellectualness with loveliness). What I liked especially was the attention to detail and the thought that had gone into everything from the art event to the food’

Some other particiapnts have kindly sent us some feedback:

‘It was a great pleasure to be welcomed to a conference that crossed many
disciplines and highlighted the ways in which the theme of TRASH is currently being discussed academically.  There was a friendly and accessible atmosphere,  and what an engaging pertinant topic’ Amy Carson
‘The Basement  was a fantastic space and a great area to showcase the TRASH  Gallery… The experience of the night was a very positive one from the set up,  the evening as a whole to lastly the take down.  It was a great evening and great way for people to show their work, make new friends and talk about what they are passionate about’ Loren McCarthy
To begin with, I would like to thanks the organisers for the conference, an unusual opportunity for an historian to share some (hi)stories…and learn a lot about other works and perspective on things. With a contribution on the 30s and 40s, no doubt I was not talking about any kind of trash culture, but I think that at least a link was made between my work and today’s issue, meaning the relationship between crisis, financial means and the perception (and use) of waste. Two things will be kept in my mind now: the importance of normative discourses about waste and their reality in practice, and the use of trash as source. The efforts made by the organisers to make all of use feel welcome must be point out, a special thanks for all the foods offered. I particularly enjoyed WWII recipes…thanks Victoria to give us a (sweet) taste of the past’ Natacha Chevalier


We live tweeted the conference and some other participants joined us, we have storified the tweets here.


Photos of the art evening and conference.

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